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Why I drink Craft Beer

April 8th, 2015 Posted by Coding Canada Team

Why I drink Craft Beer

While wondering about writing this blog post on craft beer, I did some research on the topic and found articles on why craft beer is so popular these days. It got me thinking, why do I like craft beer?

Craft beer or Microbrewery has become trendy and, even more than trendy, it has become ingrained in our popular culture. The craft beer industry has been around for some time now; I recall my first experience with craft beer at a local pub in St. Catharines, ON.  I enjoyed the experience because there was something local, traditional, refreshing about both the ambiance of the pub and the beer; from the people sitting next to you at the bar who you knew where from somewhere in town, to the waitress on the other side of the bar encouraging you to try one of the several flavours and tastes on the board beside her. The ample choice of beer provides something of an experiment as you taste different flavours; it also gives you also a chance to find your own favourite beer.

Since those years in 2001 or 2002 during my first experiences with craft beer, the industry has developed and craft breweries have become quite popular and are here to stay. Among those who advocate for craft beer and the continuous development of the industry are the signatories to the Ontario Craft Brewers:

“We’re the Ontario Craft Brewers, 45+ brewers dedicated to making great tasting beer, right here in Ontario. The reason we got together is to promote our fresh, natural, quality beer and agree on a commitment to excellence that everyone has to live up to. We chose “Ontario Craft Brewers” as our name, because it speaks to the tradition of care and craftsmanship that we insist upon when brewing our beer.”

It is often cited that Craft breweries face challenges and stiff competition, ranging from the bureaucracy at the LCBO to monopoly at the Beer Store respectively. And after years of travelling, leaving the small city for big cities and for big brand name beers.  I return to craft beer writing on the subject and thinking not only about how craft beer has become popular but also about how do I collaborate with microbreweries to further popularize craft beer.  Our role at Coding Canada is to supply Date Coding Printers that apply a mark to items such as beer bottles, cans and boxes.  Our printers provide a choice of the style and colour of the font used and helps microbreweries efficiently meet LCBO regulations. The LCBO product packaging standards state in section 1.3.1: “Dot matrix and ink-jet are acceptable formats for printing markings onto corrugated fibreboard shipping containers”.  Linx date coders are able to print on various surfaces with various ink densities to provide a clear contrast between the corrugate and the ink.



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