High Resolution digital alternative to roller coders, valvejet and CIJ systems

Linx TJ725

Thermal inkjet Linx TJ50

Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) printers provide a high resolution digital alternative to roller coders, valvejet and CIJ systems. The wide range of inks available make them suitable for coding onto boxes, trays, sleeves and plastic packaging materials.
Reliable, connected and high performance. This versatile thermal ink jet solution is designed to print text, graphics and machine-readable codes on demanding applications in high-speed environments. The easy database connectivity eliminates errors and makes operation simple.

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Linx TJ725
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Linx TJ50

Reliable. Connected. Performance.  

The Linx TJ50 is the perfect solution for fast-moving, fast production lines.Designed for demanding  applications, the Linx TJ50 is a high-performance and versatile thermal ink jet solution that prints text,  graphics and machine-readable codes onto a wide range of packaging materials, including LDPE bottles,  aluminium cans, film and coated card. Intuitive software makes it easy to create complex new messages  or simply use one of the message templates.  

Key benefits

  • Continual reliable performance
  • No maintenance and no wear parts
  • Long-lasting printed messages
  • Database connectivity
  • Eliminate coding errors
  • Easy message maintenance
  • Rapid dry time & good adhesion
  • Next generation overlapping nozzle technology
  • Easy to integrate


  • Continual reliable performance:
  • Proven technology components provide optimum performance for the lifetime of the product
  • No maintenance and no wear parts:
  • Increasing production time and reducing operating costs while delivering consistent print quality
  • Long-lasting printed messages:
  • Specialist pigmented, water and solvent based inks deliver reliable, quick-read high-quality machine readable DataMatrix and 1D barcodes throughout the supply chain.


  • Database connectivity:
  • Simple to set up database access to automate and mistake-proof messages to protect brand and reduce the cost of rework
  • Eliminate coding errors:
  • Automatically populated messages from databases to eliminate human error
  • Easy message maintenance:
  • Database connectivity and message templates make it quick and easy to add new product messages


  • Rapid dry time & good adhesion:
  • On wide range of materials with line speeds up to 240 m/min (depending on cartridge and ink used)
  • Next generation overlapping nozzle technology:
  • Helps to eliminate missing pixels to deliver consistent, high-quality codes machine readable DataMatrix and 1D barcodes.
  • Easy to integrate:
  • Small and compact printer, easy to set up on production lines using a single bracket, ideal for fast-moving, busy factories



  • Print resolution: up to 600dpi
  • Print speed: up to 90m/min @ 300dpi
  • Print height: 12.7mm, 0.5"
  • Message length (max): 1m

Printing Capabilities

  • Prints text, counters, date, date offset, time, variable data, action field
  • Prints logos and other images
  • Prints 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes (including GS1, QR)
  • ODBC connection for databases

Physical Characteristics

  • Weight: 570g/570g
  • Length: 119mm/118mm
  • Width: 75mm/82mm
  • Height: 96mm/96mm
  • Maximum operating time: designed for continuous operation