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How to maintain high quality and reliable service from your Linx printer? Make sure the scheduled maintenance is carried out properly and when required. The time between each scheduled maintenance will vary depending on the type of marking and coding equipment. Also it depends on the amount of use. Linx printers are designed to prompt you when a scheduled maintenance is expected. So you can plan for the work to be completed. 

If your Linx printer requires scheduled maintenance or you have a technical problem, please contact us at  

      1-866-427-5701    or email 

Routine & Scheduled maintenance

All Linx marking and coding printers require a basic level of routine maintenance to maximize performance and reliability. The instructions on how to perform this maintenance are detailed in the support documentation. It is supplied with the product. Routine maintenance is also covered during installation training.
The majority of Linx printers require scheduled maintenance after a certain period of time. Schedule varies depending on the type of Linx Printer and also the level of usage. If your Linx printer requires scheduled maintenance, or you are unsure about routine maintenance, please contact us at      1-866-427-5701   or email 

Service Agreements
To minimize the cost and inconvenience of production line downtime, Coding Canada can tailor Service Agreement to your specific requirements. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to budget ahead. If you have a question regarding this option, please communicate us at contacts provided above.
Training for your operators and engineers

Coding Canada offers a range of training programs to support Linx customers, meeting the needs of your production line personnel.
For more information and to arrange training, please contact us at  1-866-427-5701  or email 

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