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Service Cycle: Executed by a Top Notch Service Team

May 13th, 2015 Posted by Coding Canada Team

Usually, I write blogs about industry specific news or on the features of our products.  My blogs are often on topics such as; the unique materials confectionary manufacturers use for packaging and, how our inks work particularly well in this industry.  However, this blog is about our people, our Service team.

Our customers use Linx printers in a host of different applications: Some in printing on bottles in a wet environment and others in printing on metal parts in a dry and dusty environment.  We have a team of dedicated service technicians who travel to customers across Canada making scheduled maintenance calls, as well as impromptu service calls. Our service techs have impeccable response times and assist in reducing your downtime or offline time.  This often means they’re in and out of the office and that they live on the road.  The inside joke goes: you know it’s a slow service day when the techs are in the office in front of their computer screens.

Yes, we have a range of printers suitable for printing in various environments. Yet, the cycle of a service call is usually the same:  The phone rings at the help desk, and on the line is a customer asking to speak with a service tech.  At times, the problem is resolved effortlessly over the phone, where the service techs say to the customer- push this button or the other button and the problem gets resolved.  Other times, the service tech gets out a demo printer with similar specifications to the customer’s printer, and step by step, walks the customer to a resolution.  And if these steps fail, the service tech schedules a service call or, drives directly to the customer`s facility to resolve the problem, bringing the service cycle to a close.

Training:  We provide a complimentary training session to customers as part of our sales and installation process.  This training session allows the customer become familiar with operating Linx printers and also prepares them to act as an in house resource.

Service Agreements:  Some customers bypass the need for in-house staff to maintain their printers by making a service call agreement with us.  A service agreement offers the customer the option to keep a leaner maintenance staff and, allows them focus on what they do best. Customers find service agreements with us convenient, effective and efficient in maintaining their printers.  To arrange for  a service agreement with us, please speak with our service team or call us at 905 690 1471.

Coding Products of Canada is a distributor and service provider for Linx Printing Technologies in Canada.



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