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Case Coding and Labeling

Case coding and labeling equipment of United Barcode Systems and Linx.
UBS APLINK high resolution inkjet printers for case coding.  MRX and LCX lines are used for high quality direct printing on porous surfaces. UVX line is used for printing on non-porous ones. Printing range of codes, logos, text, variables and any legible 1D/2D barcodes compatible with GS1 standards. Printers meet industry identification requirements and exclusively using inks based on vegetable oil.
High resolution inkjet printers can eliminate the need for pre-printed boxes and labels. These coders helping to reduce inventory and waste.
UBS offers a range of high resolution inkjet printers along with automatic label application systems. This helps to address a variety of marking needs and applications.
Most producers benefit from automating the application of labels onto cases, skids or shrink wrap. Automatic label applicators provide accurate placement of preprinted labels and eliminate the need for a manual processes. UBS labeling solutions apply pre-printed labels to a wide range of products in different production environments.

Linx Large Character Printers for non-contact coding and marking of secondary packaging. The Linx IJ355 and IJ375 deliver highly readable alphanumeric print of codes, barcodes and logos onto cartons. Either is a label replacement coder for secondary packaging printing. Their efficient and reliable design meaning that it keeps costs low.

Both the Linx IJ355 and IJ375 Large Character Printers deliver an alternative solution to both labels and pre-printed boxes. They mark on porous substrates such as paper, card and wood. Printing text, logos and graphics up to either 53mm (IJ355) or 70mm (IJ375) high. Linx printers making them ideal for a wide range of applications with multiple industries.

  • APLINK LCX High Resolution Inkjet Printer

    APLINK LCX High Resolution Inkjet Printer is a new generation of APLINK systems. It is designed and made to code…
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  • APLINK MRX Bicolor High Resolution Inkjet Printer

    The UBS APLINK MRX  Bicolor High Resolution Inkjet Printer print onto porous surfaces of cases. Also message created in two colours…
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  • APLINK MRX 140 High Resolution Inkjet Printer

    The UBS APLINK MRX 140 High Resolution Inkjet Printer is developed to print directly on large porous surfaces of cases. APLINK MRX…
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  • APL 3500E Print and Apply Labeler

    The UBS APL 3500E Automatic Print and Apply Labeler has been developed using electrical technology. As a result there is no…
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  • APL 3500 Print and Apply Labeler

    The UBS APL3500  Automatic Print and Apply Real-Time Labeler has been developed to meet the most strict requirements in terms of…
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  • APLINK MRX High Resolution Inkjet Printer

    The UBS APLINK MRX High Resolution Inkjet Printer is developed to print directly on porous surfaces. APLINK MRX printer is capable to print texts,…
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  • APLINK MRX UV LED High Resolution Inkjet Printer

    The APLINK MRX UV LED High Resolution Inkjet Printer. It comes with integrated UV LED lamp. Print on non-porous cases, trays, films…
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  • Linx IJ355 / IJ375 Large Character Printers

    The Linx IJ355 / IJ375 Large Character Printers are high quality, non-contact printing solutions for a wide range of large character coding applications.…
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