The Unique Linx 8900 Printhead

The Continuous Inkjet CIJ Printer is a common instrument for coding and marking. They are applying traceability and best before date codes onto different types of products across multiple industries. The unique Linx 8900 printhead is the key component of a Linx 8900 CIJ Printer.

The basic principle of operation of a CIJ printer is the same across all brands. The printhead is made of similar components in all brands. They are such as body, nozzle, deflector plates, sensors, gutter, wires, pipes etc. Obviously not all inkjet printheads are made the same. Some printheads are designed for reliable operation, easy use and offer superior performance while marking the product.

So what makes the Linx 8900 printhead unique? The Linx printhead designed for reliability. In the Linx printhead, sensitive components of the printhead are hermetically sealed to protect from ink splash backs, manual adjustments and wear and tear. There are no exposed wires or pipe connections. Also there are no adjustment points, as there is no adjustment required.

The Linx printer has a unique automatic start up and shutdown process. Once powered on, the printer automatically begins a fast clean start-up cycle. When powered down, the printer activates a self-clean of the printhead on shut down. Due to start and stop on solvent, there is no ink splats, less build up of ink on plates and gutter.

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