Linx 7900 Success Stories

An existing customer who we have a strong relationship with recently purchased additional date coders from us. This customer is satisfied with the quality of our printers and enjoys prompt and reliable service from our technicians and customer service staff. The customer needed a new date coder urgently but would not have the budget until the start their new fiscal year. In order to make the purchase possible we offered a lease option, making the purchase affordable regardless of budget constraints. The customer bought the Linx 7900 and is printing three lines of code at varying speeds onto the main body and neck of PET bottles and on metalized sachets.

Why we won
Yes, the lease option offers customers a flexible way to purchase new equipment. Yet, 3 key factors other than the lease option made this a return customer for us: the quality of our printer, a local and responsive technical service team and a prompt customer service staff.
Our Printer: The customer was already impressed with the durability their existing Linx inkjet printer. For a new line they required a more robust printer, capable of printing 5 lines of code and 2D data matrix. We offered the Linx 7900.

Our Technical Service: Having local service support was important to this customer. We are located in Flamborough, Ontario and are usually only a drive away from customers in Stratford, London, Kitchener, Guelph, Brampton, Barrie, Peterborough, Cobourg, Simcoe, the Niagara Region and across Ontario.

Our Customer Service: This customer is aware our customer service staff is available during business hours to receive orders for parts or fluids, as well as to help with questions about the operation of the printer or the application.

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