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Linx 8900 CIJ Printers User Friendly Solution

October 2nd, 2017 Posted by Coding Canada Team

The Linx 8900 continuous inkjet printer family combine the proven benefits of features that deliver faster line speeds and easier set-up along with extended service intervals with built-in self-service option. This enables the coders to deal with the most demanding applications. A unique feature of the Linx 8900 CIJ Coder Family is the first-in-class Advanced System Monitoring feature.  The Linx 8920/8940 have extended service interval of up to 18,000 hours or 24 months. Linx 8900

All printers are used differently depending on application. So Advanced System Monitoring provides an ongoing check of the printer’s operation with regard of ink system running parameters and environmental conditions.  This enables it to identify simple actions that users can take to prevent unscheduled stoppages. This helps to ensure the continuous reliable operation of the printer and avoiding unplanned downtime.

The Linx 8920/8940 models also offer a ‘50 named lines’ settings that further increases flexibility and ease of set-up. This is ideal for operations that have frequent product and lines changeovers.  The coding requirements for each different production line can be given a specific name. So required line setting can be called up and selected from a previously inputted list.  This feature saves time and minimizes the danger of set-up errors. Also the Linx 8920/8940 are able to print up to five lines of code.  Both offer a top speed of 6.25m/s for single line coding. The Linx 8940 is available with an IP65 rating that prevents dust ingress as well as providing wash down protection, offering a higher level of protection for a coder that has to operate in more challenging environments.

There are few different user features that attracts customers to these coders.  Large high resolution intuitive touch screen, which is customizable for quick access to regularly used functions. An on-screen message editing prompts provides for accurate inputting.  Simple Self-Service Wizard, which guides operators through the process for an engineer-free service module change that minimizes downtime. One of the most innovative features of Linx 8900 family is the ability to provide at-a-glance real-time data on the overall production line performance.  This enables operators to identify patterns or reasons for any stoppages. This feature helps operators quickly implement changes, solutions or countermeasures to improve efficiency and productivity of production.

“Feedback on the Linx 8900 family has been hugely positive with customers particularly highlighting its ease of use, simple servicing and reliability,” tells Charles Randon, Senior Product Manager of Linx. Launched in 2015, the Linx 8900 family has proved an instant success with strong sales both in the UK and internationally. 

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