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Coding Solutions of Linx Printing Technologies.
Linx Coding SolutionsLinx products are considered as best in class marking and coding solutions. In depth knowledge of customers’ needs determines user friendly features of products. Linx Coders and Printers are famous around the world for their ease of use. Reliability and low cost of ownership are part of the package. The robust design, high IP rating and simple user interfaces is a brand feature of Linx coders. Therefore coding and marking solutions of Linx help to keep your line moving. Also they support growth of your business. Rest assured that Coding Canada can solve your marking needs. Use Linx coders when it comes to printing on products and packaging.

Case Labeling and Coding Solutions of United Barcode Systems.
UBS Makes High-Resolution Inkjet Printers and Print & Apply Labeling Systems. Also UBS offer other solutions for global market. All UBS products to meet the highest international standards of performance. UBS equipment meets the highest level of quality. Sustainable development is a trade mark of UBS marking solutions.

Case Coding and Labeling

UBS Print and Apply Labelers

  • APL 3500E Print and Apply Labeler

    The UBS APL 3500E Automatic Print and Apply Labeler has been developed using electrical technology. As a result there is no need in compressed air. This is the most environmentally friendly industrial system in its category. Therefore it helps ...

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  • APL 3500 Print and Apply Labeler

    The UBS APL3500 Automatic Print and Apply Real-Time Labeler has been developed to meet the most strict requirements in terms of reliability, robustness and compatibility with industrial standards for packaging established by the GS1. Labeler is ...

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UBS High Resolution Inkjet Printers

  • APLINK LCX High Resolution Inkjet Printer

    APLINK LCX High Resolution Inkjet Printer is a new generation of APLINK systems. It is designed and made to code on porous secondary cases. Printer equipped with 4th generation piezoelectric print head. APLINK LCX is the perfect solution for ...

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  • APLINK MRX Bicolor High Resolution Inkjet Printer

    The UBS APLINK MRX Bicolor High Resolution Inkjet Printer print onto porous surfaces of cases. Also message created in two colours simultaneously. Printers are capable to print pictograms and texts according to Reach regulation and CLP ...

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  • APLINK MRX 140 High Resolution Inkjet Printer

    The UBS APLINK MRX 140 High Resolution Inkjet Printer is developed to print directly on large porous surfaces of cases. APLINK MRX 140 is capable to print texts, images, logos, symbols. Furthermore it prints any 100% legible 1D/2D barcodes. ...

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  • APLINK MRX High Resolution Inkjet Printer

    The UBS APLINK MRX High Resolution Inkjet Printer is developed to print directly on porous surfaces. APLINK MRX printer is capable to print texts, images, logos and symbols. Furthermore it prints any 100% legible 1D/2D barcodes. They are ...

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  • APLINK MRX UV LED High Resolution Inkjet Printer

    The APLINK MRX UV LED High Resolution Inkjet Printer. It comes with integrated UV LED lamp. Print on non-porous cases, trays, films etc. LED lamp allowing UV LED-based ink dry instantly. Due to polymerization. APLINK MRX UV LED printer is ...

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Continuous Inkjet Printers

Standard Continuous Inkjet Linx 5900

  • Linx 5900 Continuous Inkjet Printer

    The Linx 5900 continuous inkjet printer. Design meet the needs of basic coding applications. It is also suitable for more advanced line integration tasks. Furthermore many advanced features included as standard. Finally optional upgrades ...

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Advanced Continuous Inkjet Linx 7900

  • Linx 7900 Continuous Inkjet Printer

    The Linx 7900 continuous inkjet printer. It comes with lowest cost of ownership. Available printer Configurations. Linx 7900 Spectrum. Printer uses pigmented inks for maximum code contrast on dark or coloured surfaces. Such as rubber and ...

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  • Linx 7900BC Continuous Inkjet Printer

    The Linx 7900BC continuous inkjet printer. It is a total coding and marking solution for the bottling industry. This small character coder combines the features of the Linx 7900 printer with a unique integrated printhead and air knife system. ...

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Advanced Continuous Inkjet Linx 8900

  • Linx 8900 Continuous Inkjet Printer

    The Linx 8900 Continuous Inkjet Printer family (with 8900/8910, 8920 and 8940 models) makes operation, reliability and efficiency easier than ever. So one can spend more time coding, and increasing output from production line. The Linx 8900 ...

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Why Linx CIJ Coders

  • Why Linx CIJ Coder

    Upgrade to Linx CIJ Coder and Start Your Saving Now! Linx 8900 helping to increase coding efficiency Self-servicing with the Easi-Change® Service Module. Up to 2-years between module changes. No service technician required. ...

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Fume Extractors

  • PrintPRO Universal

    The PrintPRO Universal is a compact fume extractor with a large gas filter. It is designed exclusively for the Print and Print Finishing industries with unique features to effectively capture and remove a wide range of solvents generated within ...

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  • 3D PrintPRO 4

    3D PrintPRO 4 BOFA Fume Extractor xprovides a high fume evacuation and filtration rate when connected to a large enclosed 3D printer via its extraction off take point. The system can also return the filtered clean air either back to the printer ...

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  • 3D PrintPRO 3

    3D PrintPRO 3 BOFA Fume Extractor for table top enclosed/partially enclosed 3D printer. The BOFA 3D PrintPRO 3 incorporates externally mounted plenum system manifolds. It effectively captures fumes generated during the printing process and ...

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  • 3D PrintPRO 2

    3D PrintPRO 2 BOFA Fume Extractor for open framed 3D printers. 3D PrintPRO 2 is a low cost unit, which extracts fumes generated by an open framed 3D printer without causing the filament deposition area to be cooled. It has the benefits of low ...

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  • AD Oracle SA iQ

    AD Oracle SA iQ is the most technically advanced laser fume extractor of BOFA. The AD Oracle SA iQ has been enhanced with BOFA’s iQ Operating System. Extractor also incorporates RFA and ACF technology. As a result it packs a powerful range of ...

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  • AD Base 1 Oracle

    AD Base 1 Oracle is a ‘two in one’ solution. It runs on any voltage worldwide and doubles up as a work station by placing the laser engraver on top. The AD Base 1 Oracle has been designed to match laser systems. Hence a number of ...

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  • AD 1000 iQ

    AD 1000 iQ. High performance laser fume extraction system for applications in laser marking, coding and engraving. BOFA’s AD 1000 iQ high end laser extraction system. System combines extremely large filter capacity with high airflow ...

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  • AD Oracle iQ

    AD Oracle iQ is the definite premier choice and best in class solution. Incorporate unique features in a compact unit. The ‘Best in Class’ high performance AD Oracle. It is further enhanced with BOFA’s iQ Operating System. AD Oracle iQ ...

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Handheld Inkjet Printers

  • jetStamp 1025 Coder

    JetStamp 1025 Coder of Reiner is the most flexible and multi functional handheld printer at the market. JetStamp 1025 Coder can print on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. 1025 Coder prints 1D & 2D barcodes, graphics, logos and alphanumeric. ...

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  • Speed-i-Jet 798 Handheld Coder

    Speed-i-Jet 798 Handheld Coder is taking mobile printing to the next level. With just a flick of the wrist. Speed-i-Jet 798 Handheld Coder effortlessly prints up to 40 characters in one line. 798 printing on flat and uneven porous surfaces. ...

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  • Speed-i-Marker 940 Handheld Coder

    Speed-i-Marker 940 Handheld Coder of Reiner is one of the most versatile handheld Inkjet printers. Coder prints on moving and stationary objects. The Speed-i-Marker 940 adds redundancy to any in-line system. It is also perfect for marking small ...

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  • JetStamp Graphic 970 Coder

    The JetStamp graphic 970 coder provides one of the largest print areas of any handheld inkjet printers. This printer perfect for a multiple tasks. Starts from printing letters, numbers, dates and times, to printing graphics and barcodes. The ...

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  • JetStamp 790 MP Handheld Coder

    Jetstamp 790 MP handheld coder for porous and non-porous surfaces. Battery powered. The JetStamp 790 MP handheld coder is a quality marking and coding solution for small volume of products. With highly customizable text options, the JetStamp ...

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Laser Marking Systems

  • Linx CSL60 Laser Coder

    Key Benefits of Linx CSL60 Laser Coder 60 W CO2 scribing laser coder for high-speed coding applications High resolution, complex permanent coding. Even on hard to mark glass and rubber Largest marking field in its class. Up to 440 mm ...

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  • Linx SLHP Laser Coder High Performance

    The Linx SLHP Laser Coder (Scribing Laser High Performance). It produces superior quality codes at some of the fastest speeds currently available on the market. High speed/High power The Linx SLHP Laser Coder is a high power 120W CO2 laser ...

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  • Linx FSL20 & FSL50 Fiber Laser Coders

    The Linx FSL20 and FSL50 fiber laser coders offer a cost-efficient and hugely flexible coding solution. Fiber laser coders codes on the the widest range of hard materials and substrates. They are good for marking on metals and plastics. Lasers ...

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  • Linx SL1 Compact Laser Coder

    The Linx SL1 Compact Laser Coder Experience faster and more reliable coding with compact laser coder. The flexibility of Linx SL1 10w laser coder is adding value to your product packaging. Due to advanced Galvo technology the Linx SL1 laser ...

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  • Linx CSL30 Laser Coder

    Key Benefits of Linx CSL30 Laser Coder 30 W CO2 scribing laser coder High quality, permanent marking Powerful processor for faster coding Efficient use of laser power for a long laser tube life Largest marking area in its ...

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  • Linx CSL10 Laser Coder

    Key Benefits of CSL10 Laser Coder Fastest 10 W Co2 scribing laser coder in its class. High quality, permanent marking. Powerful processor for faster coding Efficient use of laser power Reduces running costs. Due to a 45,000* ...

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Thermal Inkjet Printers

  • Linx TJ725 Thermal Inkjet Printer

    The Linx TJ725 thermal inkjet printer is an affordable, digital alternative to traditional printing technologies, including roller coders and valvejet. Linx TJ725 comes with a wide variety of inks designed to meet the coding requirements of ...

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Thermal Transfer Printers

  • Linx TT3 Thermal Transfer

    The Linx TT3 thermal transfer printer. 35mm wide printhead. It is ideal when coding areas that are 32mm x 30mm. Efficient ribbon drive of printer bringing wastage to an absolute minimum. Ribbon changeover is really easy due to the ribbon ...

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  • Linx TT10 Thermal Transfer

    Linx TT10 Thermal Transfer Overprinter has a wider ribbon width (up to 110mm), giving it the ability to print longer messages for ingredients, logos and marketing information. This means that it delivers a variety of benefits for printing on ...

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  • Linx TT5 Thermal Transfer

    The Linx TT5 Thermal Transfer Overprinter provides the ultimate combination of benefits for coding onto flexible film packaging (flow wrap), labels or gloss card. The Linx TT thermal transfer coders is ideal for a variety of product ...

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