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Linx SL1 Compact Laser Coder

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The Linx SL1 Compact Laser Coder
Experience faster and more reliable coding with compact laser coder. The flexibility of Linx SL1 10w laser coder is adding value to your product packaging. Due to advanced Galvo technology the Linx SL1 laser allow to deliver high quality flexible coding. It help to increase the unit’s operating life without the need for routine servicing.

Fast, Flexible and Low Cost Coding

The Linx SL1 compact laser coder is much faster than other lasers in its class. It is capable to print two lines of code and a logo in the same time as it usually takes to print just two lines of text. This is due to the use of lightweight and ultra-fast mirrors.
Lifetime costs are kept low with the Linx SL1 laser. SL1 laser doesn’t require any consumables or fluids. Furthermore there’s no need for routine servicing. Moreover this laser use less energy than other coders in its class. Extended tube life of the laser also reducing the total cost of ownership.

Robust and Compact to Suit Any Production Line

The Linx SL1 10w compact laser coder is one of the most compact single-box solutions on the market. Laser is versatile enough to suit any production line. One operator can move and set up 12.5 kg the lightweight unit without additional help. There is the choice of straight or down shooter options with four mounting points. This is allow to code onto a products and packaging of different shapes and sizes.

The choice of four lenses offers a wide range of marking fields. It allow for coding of larger areas, at faster speeds, or to code onto the product at a greater distance. Because of the advanced Galvo technology, the Linx SL1 uses lighter, stronger mirrors. It allows for faster and more reliable coding whilst using less laser energy. 
With over 30 years’ experience in laser coder manufacturing, the Linx SL1 is built to exacting standards. Laser help to minimize downtime on production line, eliminating the need for regular servicing.

High Quality Coding

The Linx SL1 is more versatile than other coders in its class. This is due to ability to scribe multiple lines of text and logos in one message. Mix text, logos and machine-readable codes in a single message, including QR codes and DotCodes. A wide range of fonts is also available meaning your coding can perfectly complement your packaging designs.
Because the Linx SL1 10w uses laser technology, the coding it produces is permanent. This is the ideal solution for coding on products that are susceptible to counterfeiting. Such as high value goods, tobacco or spirits.

Thanks to the LinxDraw software, changing codes is quick and easy. Using templates, codes can be created and stored on or offline before being securely downloaded onto the laser when required.
End user can remotely monitor production line due to Ethernet connectivity. ‘Good shot’ and ‘bad shot’ production line signals giving customer confidence in laser operation and status monitoring.

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