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Upgrade to Linx CIJ Coder and
Start Your Saving Now!

Linx 8900 family features

2-year Service Interval. Lower running cost. Industry leading sealed AutoFlush® printhead. Clean startups first time, every time. So No cleaning in up to 3 months.

One-touch cartridge refill technology.
No tools required for fluid refills. No mess Click-into-place cartridges. Up to 6 lines of print.

Self-servicing with the Easi-Change® Service Module.
Lower running cost with Linx CIJ coder.
Canadian based Service and Support.

Gain with Linx 8900 family

Advanced System Monitoring of Linx 8900. It helps to avoid unscheduled stoppages.
So coder fits with “on condition servicing” process.

Linx 8900 family features:
Simplest, most reliable coding solution. The easiest user friendly intuitive interface. 10” touchscreen.

Coding flexibility with Linx 8900 family.
50 named lines settings for quick product changeovers.
Also Carton coding option for secondary packaging.

More output with minimum downtime. Due to Advanced System Monitoring. Printernet enabled remote monitoring and control.

Customer Testimonials.

American FlexPack Inc., USA

“We have been using Linx printer steadily for months, two shifts a day. It has required zero maintenance and has caused no downtime. The user prompts on the Linx CIJ are a great feature, as is the printer’s reliability. Finally the printhead doesn’t need to be cleaned and solvent usage is low.”

Kevyn Lange, Vice President, Engineering

Glowcroft Contract Packaging, UK

The exceptional versatility and user-friendliness of the Linx 8910 is delivering increased efficiency and convenience for Glowcroft Contract Packing. The company is also benefiting from Linx’s Printernet service, which enables it to remotely monitor and control the Linx 8910.

Duane Porter, Operations Manager 

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Beavertown Brewery, UK

“First of all the Linx 8900 is really easy to use, keeps up with the line and meets all our needs. I really like the IP55 rating. It is an important benefit as we wash the line down after every shift. The touchscreen interface is simply laid out. It allows us to change over codes very quickly after each run.”

Tom Jones, Assistant Head Brewer and Production Manager

Please watch a case study Video.

Fourpure Brewing, UK

“The Linx 8900 CIJ printer is printing three lines of code onto the base of aluminium cans. We particularly like the ease of use of the Linx 8900. Changing fluids is really simple with the printer’s cartridge system, and setup and selection of codes are equally user-friendly. We are passionate about brewing. Our packaging has to reflect our premium image and that means everything about it down to the smallest detail of the codes is about quality.”

Steve Morris, Fourpure’s Head of Packaging

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