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Linx IJ355 / IJ375 Large Character Printers

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The Linx IJ355 / IJ375 Large Character Printers are high quality, non-contact printing solutions for a wide range of large character coding applications.
Uses thermal inkjet technology to produce high definition text, graphics and barcodes. Coder provide high definition printing of large characters, images and barcodes up to 70mm high, onto porous surfaces.

The Linx IJ355 / IJ375 large character printers are ideal for high definition printing onto cartons and secondary packaging, whilst keeping your costs low.

Both case coders offer a cost effective alternative to labels and pre-printed boxes. They can print text, logos and graphics up to 53mm (IJ355) or 70mm (IJ375) high onto porous substrates such as paper, card and wood.

The printers’ innovative ReFRESH® system ensures crisp high quality codes and graphics every time, without wasting ink on printhead cleaning. Ink and dust that may collect on the nozzles during operation are removed with an ink purge and air knife. Finally ink is collected, passed through a high performance filter to remove impurities from the system, and delivered back for printing. Your consumable costs remains low because every drop of ink is used for printing.

A tough stainless-steel nozzle guard is protecting the printhead. This guards the printhead from possible damage, caused by impact with the boxes on the line. Also it allows the printhead to be close enough to the packaging to ensure superior print quality.

CLARiSOFT® software ensure error-free coding. Full colour touch screen user interface provides print preview and icon-based message selection.

CLARiSOFT® software helps to create messages. Also unique features include expiry date calculations, prompted user entry, and linked message fields. This help to reduce common coding errors, and therefore product recalls.

The printers’ intuitive user interface then guides the operator through message selection, so the correct message is always printed.

CLARiNET® networking and integration software linking and managing multiple coders. Centralised control of your Linx printers, using CLARiNET reduces coding input errors and increases the efficiency of your coding process.

Reduce production costs

  • Lowest running costs with the automatic ReFRESH system, which also reduces manual intervention to keep your line running
  • No expensive labels, ribbons or preprinted packaging to buy and store

High print quality and reliability

  • ReFRESH system ensures optimum print quality
  • High definition printing (180dpi) for sharp graphics and text
  • Robust nozzle protection design for consistent performance

Easy to use, error-free coding

  • WYSIWYG colour touch screen, with simple icons and quick glance status check
  • Simple, mess-free ink changes whilst printing – no delays
  • Error-free code set-up with configurable message fields

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