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Fume Extractors

Fume Extractors are in high demand nowadays. BOFA ADVANTAGE range keeps workplace environment safe. ADVANTAGE fume extractors are removing particulates and fume generated during different production and technological processes.

Advanced extraction systems of BOFA remove contaminants invisible to the human eye. Also extraction solutions works with CO2 laser systems, installed at high speed packaging lines. Furthermore they are also efficient with solid state YAG lasers. In addition ADVANTAGE is a perfect extraction solution for new generation of fibre lasers.

Features of BOFA extraction systems.
– Advanced filtration,
– Flow rate control,
– BOFA’s Intelligent (iQ) Operating System and more.
Therefore all the above help manufacturers to provide clean environment and protect valuable equipment. Finally extractors help maintain a higher quality mark and reduce downtime.

Typical applications.
– Laser coding and marking.
– Laser engraving and cutting.
– Selective laser sintering.
– Cooling units & PVC.
– Selective laser melting & more.
– Printing and 3D Printing.
– Mechanical Engineering.
– Dental, Pharmaceutical & Medical.
– Other Industries.

  • PrintPRO Universal

    The PrintPRO Universal is a compact fume extractor with a large gas filter. It is designed exclusively for the Print…
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  • 3D PrintPRO 4

    3D PrintPRO 4 BOFA Fume Extractor xprovides a high fume evacuation and filtration rate when connected to a large enclosed…
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  • 3D PrintPRO 3

    3D PrintPRO 3 BOFA Fume Extractor for table top enclosed/partially enclosed 3D printer. The BOFA 3D PrintPRO 3 incorporates externally…
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  • 3D PrintPRO 2

    3D PrintPRO 2 BOFA Fume Extractor for open framed 3D printers. 3D PrintPRO 2 is a low cost unit, which…
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  • AD Oracle SA iQ

    AD Oracle SA iQ is the most technically advanced laser fume extractor of BOFA. The AD Oracle SA iQ has…
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  • AD Base 1 Oracle

    AD Base 1 Oracle is a ‘two in one’ solution. It runs on any voltage worldwide and doubles up as…
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  • AD 1000 iQ

    AD 1000 iQ. High performance laser fume extraction system for applications in laser marking, coding and engraving. BOFA’s AD 1000…
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  • AD Oracle iQ

    AD Oracle iQ is the definite premier choice and best in class solution. Incorporate unique features in a compact unit.…
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