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Standard Continuous Inkjet Linx 5900

Standard Continuous Inkjet Printer Linx 5900 series includes many class-leading features included as standard. Additional options available to grow with your business. 3-line coding, service intervals of up to 6000 hours, and a stainless steel IP55 rated enclosure all included as standard. Linx 5900 printers are designed to meet your changing coding and marking needs.
Linx 5900BC provides excellent print quality and permanence throughout the filling process. Linx range of Special Adherence inks penetrate condensation in the harshest environments. Linx 5900BC includes a unique printhead with integrated air knife system. So the print area on the bottle is dried prior to coding. This feature allows for printing on a dry area of the bottle. It provides repeatable excellent quality codes.
Linx 5900DC meets the Unique Needs of the Dairy Industry. Prints on a single line in both directions. Printer will adjust print direction automatically.
Continuous Inkjet Printer Linx 5900 Solver. Intelligent ink system automatically adapts to unique production environment. It provides the most efficient solvent consumption without compromising the quality of codes.

  • Linx 5900 Continuous Inkjet Printer

    The Linx 5900 continuous inkjet printer. Design meet the needs of basic coding applications. It is also suitable for more…
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