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Continuous Inkjet Printers

Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ) can code onto most materials, regardless of many characteristics including porosity, size, shape and texture. The solvent base to many of the inks means they also dry fast. It makes continuous inkjet solutions ideal for products on a moving production line. Printer works at most speeds and messages applied downward, side on or from underneath. It works practically in any orientation. Furthermore CIJ printers provides for good printing tolerance. Print is good even when surfaces are not flat or still (eg. wobbling bottles). Substrates are 10mm or more away from the printhead.

CIJ printer system work by expelling electrically charged ink droplets from a printhead nozzle. Up to 120,000 of these tiny droplets – half the diameter of a human hair – are expelled every second. So this is done without contact to the material. Due to that continuous inkjet printing is very versatile. So droplets are passing through an electric field. They are charged by a charge electrode as ones break off from the ink jet.
Industrial Continuous Inkjet Printers are used mainly to print variable information on individual products – such as dates, times, specific text, batch codes, product names and logos. This is particularly useful for providing traceability data and for complying with increasingly strict industry legislation.

The Linx 8900 Series Continuous Inkjet printers are advanced coding solution. They print up to 6 lines, including Data Matrix and QR code. Due to real-time output measurement and line stoppage reporting printer will maximize your line efficiency. The Linx 7900 Series printers are also for advanced coding applications.  They print of up to 5 lines of text, graphics and logos. The Linx 5900 Series printers are for standard coding applications. They print up to 3 lines of text, graphics and logos.

Industrial Continuous Inkjet Printers are listed below.

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  • Linx 8900 Continuous Inkjet Printer

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  • Linx 7900 Continuous Inkjet Printer

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  • Linx 7900BC Continuous Inkjet Printer

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