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Linx CJ400 Inkjet Coder at Hames Chocolates

May 30th, 2018 Posted by Coding Canada Team

The Linx CJ400 Inkjet Coder from Linx Printing Technologies is a right choice of Hames Chocolates Ltd. Linx Inkjet Coder helps to meet all deadlines due to its market-leading combination of speed, reliability and quality of code.

At the company’s Lincolnshire factory, the Linx CJ400 Inkjet Coder runs for seven hours a day. So printer coding between 80 to 120 units per minute. The exact amount depends on the products, which vary from individual chocolate bars to boxes of chocolate or fudge.

CJ400 coding   Linx CJ400 coder

The Linx CJ400 delivers the best print quality on the variable line speeds at Hames Chocolates. Coder significantly minimizing downtime, a major requirement for the chocolate company.

Key benefits include the printer’s outstanding portability, which allows operators to easily carry it between production lines. Due to self-service maintenance capability and simple on-screen troubleshooting no engineers are required while on the line. Therefore operators can easily resolve issues. Also self-cleaning printhead of the Linx CJ400 minimizes downtime.

The Linx CJ400 uses non-contact coding technology that enables it to print onto moving surfaces. So coder prints on the top, side, and underneath of the product packages. Besides operators can quickly change codes without lengthy set up procedures. This flexibility is key to the high-intensity manufacturing operation at Hames Chocolates. The Linx CJ400 meets requirements of extensive product range and frequent changeovers at Hames Chocolate.

“Thanks to the Linx printer’s speed and great versatility we minimized downtime. So we can meet our tight deadlines efficiently,” says Carol Oldbury, Director at Hames Chocolates. “Besides on top of this, the codes it produces are very clear. It is extremely important in the food industry.”

“This is our second Linx machine and, once again, we’ve been impressed. The troubleshooting system works well too. So rare times we need to speak to someone. Problems easily solved over the phone.”

With 70 years of history, Hames Chocolates manufactures a wide variety of chocolate and confectionery products. Brand chocolate and a private label one supplied to trade customers. They are available in every retail sector from specialist chocolate shops to department stores.



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