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New Linx Black bottling ink

December 3rd, 2018 Posted by Coding Canada Team

Linx Printing Technologies has launched its new Linx Black bottling ink 1068.  to enable the reuse of glass bottles used in the beverage industry.

The ability to reuse glass bottles has significant environmental benefits. When glass bottles can be collected and reused, far fewer bottles need to be manufactured. This saves significant amounts of energy and resources – over and above even the benefits of recycling.

Linx 1068 Ink

Once the Linx Black bottling ink 1068 has been used for printing batch and date codes, the bottles are returned after use. The ink is then removed in the bottle-washing process, enabling new codes to be printed onto them ahead of reuse.

There is a demand for a solution that enables the widespread reuse of glass beverage bottles.  It was emphatically underlined by Linx’s recent consumer research. The survey found that 89% of those questioned were concerned about the impact of soft drink packaging on the environment. Also 91% would welcome an approach to enable the reuse of glass beverage bottles. This strongly underlines the need for a coding ink that will enable such a strategy.

The quality of Linx Black bottling ink 1068 is shown by its ability to print clearly onto glass in cold-fill bottling and in humid environments. The ink has also been designed to cope with the challenges of providing clear, legible codes for bottled drinks. For example, by resisting removal when subjected to pasteurization. Also ink works when immersed in ice water, stored in a warehouse for long periods, or refrigerated. This reduces the likelihood of companies facing product recalls.

There is no compromise on the quality of the code. The ink delivers high-quality, durable coding so that customers can meet the regulations and protect their brands.

The combination of latest ink technology paired with the Linx 8900 CIJ printer makes Linx the perfect partner for beverage application.

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