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Linx 8900 Software Improvements

February 7th, 2017 Posted by Coding Canada Team

Linx Printing Technologies has introduced additional hardware and software features into its 8900 Series continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers to further increase their functionality and universality.

For all 8900 Series models, the availability of User Defined Date Formats provides superior coding flexibility by enabling users to create their own customized date and time formats. This allows clients to be highly flexible in meeting a variety of unique customer needs, for example in the contract packing sector.

The new parallel IO communications feature allows the printer to easily integrated into the line and communicate with other equipment and PLCs. In the event of a problem on the line, related equipment can stop at the same time, allowing operators to deal with the issue and restart the line more quickly.

Related to this, multi-stage alarm beacons can now be connected to 8900 Series printers, and configured to individual customer tasks, so that each color on the alarm can indicate different printer status. Any problem will be identified and dealt with quickly.

Production Schedule feature on the Linx 8920 and 8940 models enables the printers to print a sequence of different messages automatically. This feature is useful for traversing applications such as in dairy, or where printing a different message at different intervals is required in a continual mode, say for extrusions, cabling or wood.

All new features of 8900 Series models enable companies to identify ways to improve productivity.



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