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Linx 8900 Coders Helps Contract Packaging

May 5th, 2017 Posted by Coding Canada Team

Contract packaging business may drive one to a challenging decisions when it comes to marking and coding solutions. Diversified substrate and sizes of packaging may easily drive one to the path of costly and sometimes inefficient decisions. This is related to use of multiple coding systems stipulated by marking requirements.
It comes even more complicated if a company is making both primary and secondary packaging. Packaging materials usually differs for these two tasks. Modern packaging could be made of plastic, cardboard, glass or metal.  Regulation requirements for codes may be the same for both, but code structure and sizes are usually different. Use of multiple different coders to meet these requirements could be a high cost and time consuming. Linx 8900 coders is a definite solution.

Meet New Packaging Trends.

Successful contract packaging companies act as extensions of their clients’ operations. Contract packers must position themselves not just for their own growth, but for the growth of the companies they work with. Linx 8900 coders can help with this. Contract packaging companies also need to consider supporting new packaging trends. New substrates, environmental issues, multiple packaging product shapes and sizes. These are just a few challenges at the packaging market.

Minimizing Your Costs.

Most of contract packaging companies are introducing manufacturing solutions to cut costs and increase competitiveness. You can significantly cut costs by implementing the right printing technology into your contract packaging business. Stay competitive and offer more to your customers. A single unified printing solution can noticeably cut costs in the following areas.

  • Keep equipment costs at a minimum. Purchase and maintain a single coder that can complete all of your required tasks. Try use it for primary to secondary packaging to Maximize efficiency. Remember the production line is only as fast as the coder. Choose a coder with high reliability and long service intervals. Select a coder which is quick and easy to maintain preferably with self service capability.
  • Ensure you can switch product runs quickly to keep your production lines moving for longer. Select a coder with an intuitive and easy to use interface for quick set ups.

The Linx 8900 Coders.

Coding requirements for Contract Packaging can vary quite substantially from product to product. The Linx 8900 coders can print up to 5 lines of code, such as text, dates, logos, Data Matrix and QR codes. With a message from just 1.8mm up to 21mm high, on a wide range of porous and non-porous substrates. This enables both primary and secondary coding with one easy to use, easy to maintain printer. It will make your contract packaging operation more efficient and cost effective. Watch video of Linx 8900 CIJ Coder .



Linx coders are industry leaders in reliability, with long service intervals and robust design. The Linx 8900 coders can be self-serviced in minutes with no special training required. Servicing is simply done by changing the service module, with no specialist skills required.  No manual printer draining and no other mechanical parts to change. Service intervals of up to 18,000 hours (24 months). Linx printhead is designed for reliability. Cleaning is minimized, no exposed wires and no adjustment points.

Ease Of Use.

The Linx 8900 coders have intuitive interfaces which make it easy to select and store messages. Ink changes are simple and mess-free and can be done without stopping the printer, saving you downtime. The large touch-screen makes code creation and setup simpler than ever. Customers are able to create codes straight away, without any training or reference to manuals. If you can operate a smartphone, you can operate Linx 8900 Series coder. 


The Linx 8900 coders are quick and easy to move between production lines and set up for coding. With this coder you can now store up to 1000 messages and up to 50 line settings. For example – line speed or print delay. You can give lines meaningful names, like ‘Detergent 3A’ for easy identification. Line configurations can be transferred between Linx 8900 coders with a USB. Setting up new lines is quick and easy.

 You can rely on Linx 8900 coder. Advanced System Monitoring means you’ll be alerted in advance if preventative maintenance will be required.  You can schedule servicing when it’s convenient. Advanced System Monitoring allows users to avoid unexpected downtime and run Linx 8900 coders reliably between services.
The Linx 8900 coders allow contract packers to stay one step ahead of regulations and requirements and grow alongside their customers. And, by speeding and streamlining day-to-day coding operations, the new models can improve operations efficiency.  Both you and your customers can enjoy the benefits.

Find out how Linx 8900 coder family can help you expand your contract packing capabilities.  Contact us by phone at 1-866-427-5701 or by e-mail



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