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Count On Linx 8900 coder

March 30th, 2017 Posted by Coding Canada Team

Imagine that you are facing a task to produce a certain amount of products by defined time. Are you aware that with the Linx 8900 coder you can monitor your current production rate?
The Linx 8900 coder has a unique screensaver which is displayed when the touch-screen is not used for a set period.

Simply introduce your target production rate into the printer. The screensaver will display a green screen ‘on target’ or red one ‘off target’ together with the live current production rate. You can download activity reports from the printer onto a USB stick. It is useful for reviewing at the production status meetings. Besides the Linx 8900 coder can also record downtime relating to the specific problems causing the line stoppages. With a few simple screen touches on the printer you can log a particular reason for a downtime, say ‘filling system blocks’. System will record the start and end times of event.

Furthermore you can customize the list of events for your line. Information on all downtime events can be downloaded for later review and analysis. Keep on track with your scheduled production and all through the rest of the year.
This is all possible with the Linx 8900 coder, a printer that is more than just any printer.




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