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Linx inks and fluids for Linx continuous ink jet printers offer outstanding performance and reliability in many different applications. Linx formulates its own inks, evaluates them over a 6-12 month period and then manufactures them. Only if an ink or solvent cannot be made to fail in a Linx printer is it released. Micro-filtration removes any impurities and all bottles are pre-cleaned prior to filling, and then heat sealed to ensure the integrity of the contents. Consistency is guaranteed as every single batch of Linx ink and solvent produced is tested in a Linx printer.

  • Security UV Readable Inks

    Linx Security UV Readable Inks have been developed for discreet coding and marking applications such as anti-counterfeiting or internal traceability. They…
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  • Large Character Marking Inks

    LARGE CHARACTER MARKING INKS of Linx are specially formulated micro-pigmented inks for the most demanding outer case coding applications. Linx…
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  • Thermochromic Inks

    Linx Thermochromic Inks undergo a permanent colour change when subjected to certain wet heat conditions, such as the sterilisation processes…
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  • Process Specific Inks

    Linx Process Specific Inks are purposefully designed for coding and marking of products in more challenging applications, where the substrate…
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  • Contrasting Inks

    Linx Contrasting Inks is a wide group of pigmented products which deliver vivid contrasted print across a range of substrates. Substrates…
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  • Food Grade Inks

    Linx Food Grade Inks contain only edible raw materials conforming to regulations of either the United States Food and Drug…
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  • Special Adherence Inks

    The Linx range of special adherence inks for CIJ printers. It addresses the needs of applications where production processes may…
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  • Coloured Inks

    Linx offers a range of general-purpose coloured inks that give outstanding performance on most common materials. These Linx inks are…
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  • General-Purpose Black Inks

    Linx offers a range of general-purpose black inks that give outstanding performance on most common materials. These Linx inks are…
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