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Thermochromic Inks

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Linx Thermochromic Inks undergo a permanent colour change when subjected to certain wet heat conditions, such as the sterilisation processes employed in the food industry. In addition, these inks meet USDA regulations about incidental contact with food (USA). These Linx inks also have the ability to penetrate oily or waxy coatings and varnish, and so are suitable for a range of coding and marking applications.

Linx does not manufacture inks or solvents for any other supplier. Our fluids are tested extensively during their development, and are manufactured according to strict specifications, resulting in a high level of quality assurance. There is ample evidence that the use of non-Linx inks or solvents in Linx printers can affect printer reliability and lead to costly repairs and production line downtime.


  • Linx Thermochromic inks 1280 and 1290 are designed for coding food cans and closures that undergo a sterilisation process, but they are also used in the steel, automotive and electronics industries due to their resistance to oil and other chemicals.
Ink Type Drying time (seconds) Colour-fastness (in direct sunlight)* Solvent base Additional features
Linx Thermochromic purple to pink ink 1280 2-4 9 months Methyl ethyl ketone Excellent chemical resistance after heating
Linx Thermochromic black to blue ink 1290 2-4 1 month Ethanol/Acetone Excellent chemical resistance after heating

*The actual degree of fading will vary according to location, time of year, substrate and type and intensity of daylight.

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