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Advance Service Planning Will Benefit Your Line

October 30th, 2017 Posted by Coding Canada Team

The Linx 8900 Continuous Inkjet printers make operation, reliability and efficiency easier than ever. So you can spend more time coding, and increasing output from your production line. Advance Service Planning will benefit your production and will increase flexibility.

Just like a car, your Linx printers will benefit from regular servicing in order to ensure continual reliable operation. The printers therefore have built-in prompts to provide a reminder of when a service is due within a month, and when it is overdue.

However, rather than wait for this prompt to appear on screen, we recommend that you check your printer yourself for the due date. This will enable you to book a service visit in advance, at a time to suit you, which will mean minimum disruption to your production. Advance Service Planning will benefit production and add flexibility.

So how to find out when a service is due. Linx 5900/7900 printers: from the Menu screen, go to Maintenance > Maintenance times. Choose from either ‘Maintenance due within (hrs/mins)’ or ‘Maintenance due by (yyyy/mm/dd)’. The service is due by whichever occurs first. Again just like a car.Linx 8900 Maintenance Screen

Linx 8900 printers: on the Home screen, from the Menu screen (via the button top right), go to Maintenance > Maintenance Times. Choose from either ‘Maintenance due within (hrs)’ or ‘Maintenance due by (dd/mm/yyyy)’.

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