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Linx 5900DC Continuous Inkjet Printer

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Linx 5900DC Continuous Inkjet Printer meets the needs of humid and cold dairy coding environments. Linx 5900DC features a robust printhead and flexible conduit for reliability in both static and moving coding applications. Whether it’s a single or multi-lane traversing application, the. Linx 5900DC Continuous Inkjet Printer offers a variety of ink types and print sizes. They give user the flexibility to print clearly into small or large areas. Linx 5900DC prints on a variety of different packaging materials. Many innovative features of Linx 5900DC included as standard. At the same time Linx 5900DC has many advanced, upgradeable features. So they are to evolve with your changing needs.

Linx 5900DC Meets the Unique Needs of the Dairy Industry

  • Maximize your throughput by coding on multiple production lanes. Prints on a single line in both directions. Printer will adjust print direction automatically.
  • The IP55 rated stainless steel enclosure. There are no doors to open and no dirt traps. Therefore printer delivering reliable operation in hygienic washdown environments.
  • Consistent, dependable operation in cold or humid environments

Built to Grow with your Changing Needs

  • 3 lines of code with USB backup and sharing. Up to 1000 message storage as standard.
  • Upgradeable increased line speeds.
  • Optional Linx Insight®. It allows for remote monitor and control of the printer from a smartphone or PC.
  • Optional Linx QuickSwitch®. Provides fast and accurate message changes with a barcode scanner.
  • Add parallel I/O and Ethernet connectivity for greater production line integration.

Maximize your Uptime and Minimize your Costs

  • Up to 6000 hour intervals between scheduled maintenance with few parts to change
  • Linx SureFill® system ensures mistake-proof fluid refills to reduce errors and downtime
  • Minimal routine care required and no printhead adjustments to be made
  • The Linx FullFlush® self-cleaning system provides the most thorough printhead cleaning for reliable and trouble free start-ups, even after extended shutdowns
  • Large colour user interface allows for quick message selection and editing, even while printing



Printing capabilities

  • 3 lines of alphanumerics and logos as standard
  • Maximum print speeds of 7.28m/s
  • Print heights ranging from 1.4mm to 10.7mm
  • Rotated character (‘tower’) printing

Programming facilities

  • Simple menu-driven WYSIWYG message creation and editing
  • Large colour display
  • USB port for copy and back-up of message and printer settings, downloading logos, and for easy transfer of messages between printers
  • 1000-message storage

Physical characteristics

  • Curved stainless steel enclosure with minimal dirt traps
  • IP55 (washdown) rating as standard
  • Weighs only 21kg
  • No factory air required
  • Single button startup and shutdown

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