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To maintain high quality and reliable service from your Linx printer, make sure the scheduled maintenance is carried out properly and when required.

Printer Maintenance
All Linx CIJ printers require a basic level of routine maintenance to maximize performance and reliability. Routine maintenance is covered during installation training.
Linx printers require scheduled maintenance after a certain period of time, which varies depending on the type of Linx printer and also the level of usage. Linx printers are designed to remind you when a service is due, so that you can plan for the work to be completed when needed.

Service Agreements
To minimize the cost and inconvenience of production line downtime, Coding Canada can tailor Service Agreement to your specific requirements. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to budget ahead.

Customer Training
Coding Canada offers a range of training programs to support Linx customers, meeting the needs of your production line personnel.

Please contact us at        1-866-427-5701  or email

Linx formulates its own inks and fluids, evaluates them over a 6 to 12 month period, and then manufactures them according to strict quality assurance standards. Any ink or solvent is subject to comprehensive tests prior to release. That’s why Linx inks and fluids – from thermochromic inks to solvents – provide optimum performance in Linx continuous ink jet printers. Printer failure can be extremely costly on a production line.
Therefore Linx customers demand exceptionally high reliability from their printers. Quality and consistency of fluids and consumables is critical to achieving this. Linx provides a complete range of fluids and consumables to support its coding and marking equipment. We recommend that you always use genuine Linx supplies to ensure continued reliability and to maximise performance of your Linx printer. 

UBS inks has been designed and created by chemical engineers of UBS as the perfect pairing for their High Resolution printers. This combination of printers and inks provides for the highest quality of print and resolution.  Also they optimize the consumption for the benefit of the customers.

Reiner ink cartridges for a Handheld JetStamp printers are carefully engineered and tested. They print on paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, glass and other substrates. Particular type of ink developed for a specific application. These simple snap-in, snap-out cartridges are easy to install and wipe clean. 

Linx Inks

  • Security UV Readable Inks

    Linx Security UV Readable Inks have been developed for discreet coding and marking applications such as anti-counterfeiting or internal traceability. They are almost invisible in normal light but fluoresce under UV light. These Linx UV readable inks are available in different colours. Linx UV readable inks works with different solvent bases to offer more choice. Linx […]

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  • Large Character Marking Inks

    LARGE CHARACTER MARKING INKS of Linx are specially formulated micro-pigmented inks for the most demanding outer case coding applications. Linx specialist inks for Linx IJ355/IJ375 Large Character Marking printers come to suit most applications. These Linx inks are fast drying and have a low odour making them particularly suitable for food packaging. The inks’ excellent […]

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  • Thermochromic Inks

    Linx Thermochromic Inks undergo a permanent colour change when subjected to certain wet heat conditions, such as the sterilisation processes employed in the food industry. In addition, these inks meet USDA regulations about incidental contact with food (USA). These Linx inks also have the ability to penetrate oily or waxy coatings and varnish, and so […]

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  • Process Specific Inks

    Linx Process Specific Inks are purposefully designed for coding and marking of products in more challenging applications, where the substrate is subjected to additional processes e.g. where the printed code needs to change colour or be removed, steam sterilisation or chemical washes.  Please download Process Specific Inks Datasheet . Linx does not manufacture inks or solvents […]

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  • Contrasting Inks

    Linx Contrasting Inks is a wide group of pigmented products which deliver vivid contrasted print across a range of substrates. Substrates includes rubbers, plastics (especially PVC and PE), as well as metals, glass and other materials. Printed codes will not fade for years. It makes these Linx Contrasting inks ideal for coding and marking products that […]

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  • Food Grade Inks

    Linx food grade inks contain only edible raw materials conforming to regulations of either the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or the European Union (EU). When used with Linx ink jet printers, these Linx inks offer a very safe and flexible means of coding and marking edible products. They are also suitable for […]

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  • Special Adherence Inks

    The Linx range of special adherence inks for CIJ printers. It addresses the needs of applications where production processes may challenge the adherence or durability of other inks.  Download Linx Special Adherence Inks Datasheet. Linx does not manufacture inks or solvents for any other supplier. Linx fluids are tested extensively during their development. They are […]

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  • Coloured Inks

    Linx offers a range of general-purpose coloured inks that give outstanding performance on most common materials. These Linx inks are therefore ideal for most general external packaging applications. Each of these Linx inks has slightly different performance characteristics to provide a range of options. Linx does not manufacture inks or solvents for any other supplier. […]

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  • General-Purpose Black Inks

    Linx offers a range of general-purpose black inks that give outstanding performance on most common materials. These Linx inks are therefore ideal for most general external packaging applications. Each of these Linx inks has slightly different performance characteristics to provide a wide range of options. Download Linx General-Purpose Black Inks Datasheet. Linx does not manufacture […]

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UBS Inks

  • UBS Inks

    OIL-BASED INK It has been developed for APLINK High Resolution Inkjet Series. UBS oil-based ECO ink, provides the highest contrast in color and is 100% mineral oil free. It´s specially recommended for the FMCG industry, preventing possible migrations of toxins to the inner part of the carton case. The combination of our oil-based ink with […]

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