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United Barcode Systems (UBS) is a private equity company established in 1994 in Spain.  The headquarters and production facilities of UBS are located in Vilassar de Mar to the North-East of Barcelona.

UBS Design and Manufacture High-Resolution Inkjet Printers, Print & Apply Labeling Systems and other solutions for Labeling, Coding and Marking for global market. All products are designed and created to meet the highest international standards of performance with highest level of quality. Sustainable development is a trade mark of UBS.

UBS is famous worldwide for dependable products present in the industries like Food and Beverage, Pharma and Cosmetics, Construction and Home Care, and many others. All UBS machines are of industrial design, robust and made to meet any market demands. 

UBS is a proven best choice for their customers because of many reasons. Just a few to mention:

• High quality printing.
• Integration across all ERP environments.
• Reduced ink consumption with UBS high-resolution Inkjet printers.
• Lower maintenance costs.
• Printing and label application systems adhering to GS1-International standards. 
• More than 20 years of experience in the market.
• Over 10,000 systems installed in more than 50 countries across around 7,000 customers.



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